Automotive & 3D Printing

3D printing in the automotive industry began to be utilized by carmakers to create automotive prototypes for producing and reviewing the parts form and fittings into the overall design .Before 3D Printing , the main technlogies used wer laser sintering or binder jetting which resulted into the created part being aesthetically pleasing however they were weak and not strong enough to last long.hence , 3D printing technologies such as fused filament fabrication (FFF) bega to be used for producing durable , strong and less costly prototypes and end-use parts

Benefits of 3D Printing in Automotive design?
  • 3D printing technology cuts down costs as 3D printed plastics are cheaper ,reduce production cost ,Lowers consumption of materials and hence replace the expensive and long lead-time CNC products.
  • 3D printing shortens the production time on site
  • 3D printing Help to control intellectual property (IP) infringement because everything is produced on site.
  • Allows designer to make multiple iteration of the design hence , leads to flexible and effecient design.





3D Printing Application in Automotive

Design Concept Communication

The 3D priniting technology is able to produce accurate, extremly detailed and smooth models ,hence the automotive industry utilize it for design concept demonstration of new vehicles.Furthermore , the industry has found it advantageous as CAD model alone are not sufficient to justify a solution to a design problem or if the design would work hence, 3d printed models are used for a faster and cheaper aerodynamic testing way of the design .

Prototyping validation

Prototyping is crucial for automotive industry manufacturing process so,3D printing enables rapid prototyping in the pre-manufacturing stage. Using Additive Manufucturing the an efficient ways to validate a prototype as a small scale model can be quickly printed to a high detail that can be suitable for performance validation and testing.

Preproduction Sampling and Tooling

Objects such as moulds and thermoforming tools can be 3D printed as well as grips, jigs and fixtures therefore, the automakers are able to produce tools and samples at a cheaper rate and eliminate the expenditure on high-cost tooling

Customized Parts

Automoters by the help of 3d printers can tailor ,customize lightweight parts to fit into a unique vehicle such as seats for racing cars and more .therefore 3d printers becomes necessary especially if the unique component enhances the vehicle performance .

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