Mechanical Application & 3D Printing

The emergence of 3D Printing Technology has been impactfull across various industries including the field of mechanics.In this field , 3D printing is used for prototyping and end manufucturing stage for mechanical parts that forms a system,the parts includes friction devices such as clutches and brakes,linkages such as hinges and joints and structural components like brackets & ducts.

Benefits of 3D Printing for Mechanical Application?
  • Allows for design freedom and complexity through Topology optimization ,which enhance the efficiency of aspects such as weight , strength and production costs
  • Eliminates length assebly process such as welding as it allows to print interconnected parts into one 3d printed parts
  • High pace of time to getto the market because 3D printing allows easy making , testing and re-iterating designs .
  • 3D printing is a great production process for creating many mechanical parts in batches that can be printed at one go.
  • 3D Printing offer wide varieties of material such as plastic . metal ,resins and more depending on the technical and sturctural requirement for the mechanical part






3D Printing Application in Mechanical Engineering


In the field of Aeronautics , 3D printing is can be used to produce different functional parts such as a jet fuel nozzle tip and more,therefore it very fruitful due to its topology optimization of mechanical parts and also it decrease the amount of pieces to be printed for a single functional part .For intance GE Aviation , a geneal electrics company which focuses on jet engine production printes almost 30000 parts ,which pose great benefit from not oly parts that were strong with 25% of weight reduced but also facilitated the assemly system ,which reduce the number of pices that makes up the printed part to 20.


3D Printed mechanic application extend to Railway design for instance networks cush as the German Mobility Goes Additive ,fotered the adoption of 3D printing in differnet industries ,they worked with Hamburg’s metro operator to make 3D printed operational and safe component to use for the vehicles .They 3D Printed mechanics like brakes and hence expaniding the application of 3D printing in the transport vehicles realms.


Drone Manufuctures use intergrated system that uses mechanical and electrinic systems,hence 3D printing opened up the ease s developing stages for their products for intance UVify , a racing frone manufuturing company uses 3D printing technology for prototyping different iterated versiong of the drone to achieve balance and test performance , aerodynamics of the design .

Space Engineering

Related industries such as Spacecraft , thrive on 3D printing Technology sut to its Safe . time-efficient and cost effective perks . for instance NASA and Virgin Orbi has collaborated on 3D printing the first of it kind rocket combusion chamber which was teste at NASA’s Narshakk Space Flight Centre .

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