Engineering & 3D Printing

Prototypes for engineers are really crucial and 3D prinitng technologies has been widely adopted as it is an easy and efficient way to make prototypes even those with complex internal structure and geometries , hence enable a great way to adress problems and formulate solution on site . 3D Printer can shrink the timeframe of the project development from month to days and also enables the fabrication of prototypes and end-user parts hence deliver project on a tight deadine and budget.


Benefits of 3D Printing for Engineers?

  • bullet3D printing increase flexibility and aid in product test phase because traditional methods the design and testing phase are very expensive and time consuming especially when producing small parts for small bore motorcycles.
  • bulletRather than investing on fully outsourced fabracation which is expensive and time-consuming , 3D printing offers a cheap and quick way to test concepts and formulate project parametres.
  • bullet3D printers create whole parts on site replacing tiny joinery pieces such as metal parts which are heavy, as the the 3d prints are lighter and strong as well.
  • bulletLow -volume production of complex parts is enabled by 3D printing technology.

3D Printing Application in Architecture

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Electrical Engineering

3D printing was adopted by electrical engineers at a very earlier stage of its technological development by printing electrical parts and currently it has advance and can even print with both conductive and non-conductive materials. with the recent material innovation , the conductive materials include not just metals, new plastics have been developed that are conductive which, opens up wider range of possibilities to utilize 3D printing to the development of electrical systems and electronics.

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Aerospace Engineering

The Aerospace and Defence industry employs 3d printer for itts ability to create parts that are stronger and lighter compared to traditional methods of manufucturing. A&D was as well an early adopter of the technologyb since from the 1989 and continues to further its advancement for instance the Aerospace & Defense industries contributed approximately 16% of 3D Printing’s in 2015.

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Mechatronics Engineering

Mechanical 3D printing allows the production of a batch of parts that are traditionally made of many components . 3D printing reduce assemblies and welding steps, therefore making the manufacturing process easier and faster.

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Chemical Engineering

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, has made its way into many fields with its sustainable advantages for instance it can be applied in traditional chemical engineering process by developing internals for process plant equipment, and also in emerging areas such as bioengineering projects such as tissue scaffolding.

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