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3D printing is revolutionising marketing and advertisement industry with super sized objects that can be 3d printed in large format for retail , display, staging and events purposes . Fabrication of objects of any scale regardless of the complexity is easily enabled by 3D printers. Morover, in Signage and retail industry 3D printed object has a cleaner and aesthetically eye pleasing .


Benefits of 3D Printing for Signage?

  • bullet3D printed object are stronger and lighter as the loads on the object passes throught it with minimal disruption as the infill on the inside manages the load and spread it evenly throughout the printed object and hence eliminate concetrated stress points that leads to breakage and weakness.
  • bulletNormally signage and retail objects required to be glued or mecahnically joined together but with 3d printing this process is cut down as the whole object can be printed at one go hence facilitating the manufucturing process and save time .
  • bulletPractical funtionality is one of the benefits of 3D priniting in this particular industry for instance a printed object can be used in various sales and visualization puposes such as hand-held gadgets, toys, newly designed point of purchase displays.
  • bulletEasy expression of many details that can be replicated at any scale .

3D Printing Application in Architecture

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Soft Signage

Frames which hosts the soft signage which is a digital textile print made out of fabric graphic , can now be 3D prinited as al the material that used traditional such as aluminum, wood, acrylic, and steel can be used as filaments for 3d printers hence making it an efficient fabrication of these frames . After 3D printing the frame can even be enhanced with a lighting finish.

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Light Design

Complex to simple Lamp designs for lights can be printed entirely with a cleaner , crisp finish ,for instance Tractus3D printers in combination with the 3D printing software Simplify3D light designers can print a hollow object in order to fit the light bulb without any complications.

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Point of Purchase Display

Point-of-purchase stands such as exhibition kiosks and displays can be 3d printed to be used in retail and with the flexibility that come with variety of material the 3d priniting can offer , the industry can be as much creative as possible.

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Branding with Channel Letter

Channel letters are normally realy useful for exterior signage in public and commercial building and its very usefull in attracting customers to an interior space or exhibition stand .3D printing can easily print the channel letter easily in metal or plastic fillaments as well as allows internally illumination to light up the advertisement or logos.hence with large format printers they can be printed numerously and also save time and costs that otherwise would double if traditional methods are used.

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