What is FDM Printing?

Post Processing
Designing Workflow

Fig 4- STL File Formant.Source

3D Printing Costs & Returns
  • FDM Printers are sold at a relatively low cost compared to other 3D Printing technologies, Hence this enables hobbyists and small businesses can explore 3D printing to flourish their businesses. However given their low cost, means they can be unreliable and would require a human operator to keep on running them.
  • The FDM Desktop printers on the other hand yield reliable, higher print quality and larger build volume and easier to use. Therefore small businesses could invest in these machine with a price varying between $2,000-$8,000.
  • FDM filaments are cheaper compared to other technology as FDM materials such as ABS and PLA cost around $50/kg and specialized FDM filaments costs around $100-150/kg.
  • Labour cost can be considered when using an FDM printer in the case there are complex designs with heavy supports that require manual post-processing to remove them.
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