Designing Guide

Laser cutting has specific guidelines during the duration of its use The design scale has to match the specification of the cutter as well as the technical requirement of the machine because wrong file conversion might lead to loss of detail or imperfections. The user has to be aware of the maximum and minimum laser cutting size and set accordingly as the size of your design is limited by the dimensions of the laser machine cutting table for instance if the size is 1100 x 1100 mm, it cant cut, engrave anything beyond that scale.

The details shall always be smaller than the material thickness for instance if a hole is want to be made, its diameter should be larger than the thickness of the material.

The minimum distance between lines or parts must be 2x the material thickness

the design has to have a connecting piece as the law of physics always applies, when you cut out a piece of metal, it is going to fall off.

Ensure there are not many intersecting lines as the design will fall apart or become fragile when you have many lines intersecting at the same point. hence zoom into the detail and make sure the intersection is there where needed.

Be Cautious for bend reliefs because Improper bend reliefs do not result in a good cut straight off the laser.

When the design is ready it has to be loaded on the machine, the laser cutting head will following the directions of the vector file that holds the design to cut away at the material until the shape/pattern is done.

Benefit and Drawbacks

Yield High precision and accuracy results.
Characterized with high production speed.
Cheaper compared to other CNC machines.
Offers a variety of material compatibility.
Have Narrower kerf widths.


Require high energy consumption.
May put forth a risk of toxic emissions released from plastics.
Thicker materials can be challenging to cut.
May run a risk of having burnt edges at cuts.

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