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Why should you choose to do acrylic fabrication with us ?

Ultratec is equiped with advanced tool and equipment to perform high quality acrylic fabrication, whereby we transfom a piece of acrylic into different desired form of item such as lettering for signage, architecture models as well as laser cutting services of acrylic sheets.Also the acrylic material can be coloured, opaque and designed as you choose.

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We produce clean cuts of acrylic sheets with our advance equipments with less amount of time .The laser cutting process involves precise.crisp and polished edges cuts on specified size as well and engravings for signage, display and other illuminated advertisements.

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Produce great acrylic 3D model of your projects with us , we ensure high quality and polished 3D model of your site and builidng designs

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We produce both , non illuminated and illuminated form of advertisement with acrylic fabrication related technologies such lettering for signage, point of sales displays and more.

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