Paint & Post Processing

Paint & Post Processing
additive manufacturing

Our Painting techniques compliments our high quality finished products.

To get to the goal set for the final look , of the fabricated item whether 3D printed or Laser cut items we employ various post processing techniques to match the digital 3d model with the physical model .hence we use techniques such as colour laser engraving , sand blasting , spray painting and UV printing design.


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We offer colour laser engraving , which is a process of adding colour to an object that is being marked. This enable us to offer you versatile, alluring and expandable possibbilities to realise your vision for your 3d designs. Our Laser engraving service is possible for all type materials from plastic to metal.

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To create smoother and even texture for our fabricated models, we use sand blasting techniques which use the abrasive properties of sand which makes the models with less physical imperfection and flaws. This process ensure high quality painting on the finished product

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Our 3D models have a prestine finished look with an aid of our spray painiting techniques, The spray paint comes in variety of colours and finishes and go very well with plastic.Morover its give the 3D printed models coverage ,a smooth flat surface and deep colour gradient ,ready for a detailed paint process.

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Along with our great 3D printing services, we also introduce to you UV printing , a printing process that uses ultraviolet curing technology . This prinitng method , prints directly on uncoated surface of any materials as it uses ultraviolet light to dry ink as it is printed

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We produce intricate details in the 3D model that matches the digital model with our great professional experience on hand painting. From highly ornamented models to character design, we guarantee an absolute realization of your vision.

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